About PairTracker

Welcome to this simple research tool! PairTracker evolved in a few iterations from my personal wish to have an easier way to keep an eye on cryptomarket developments, without the need to browse exchanges all day long.

PairTracker is not a standard website where you browse data on the server, but you customize the page according to your own settings, and your browser starts filtering the Bittrex API feed directly according to this settings. So in more ways then one, it is your personal research tool!

No longer do you need to actively be on the lookout for tokens being pumped or dumped, but the tool does that for you while you sip your coffee or write that brilliant piece!

What I love about this tool (but is actually an artefact of the design choice), is that you can close your laptop in the evening, open it again next day, and see directly the difference in volumes from where you left off! This gives you instantly quite a good idea what happened while you were doing other things, and saves me a lot of time.

If you are interested in the development of certain pairs, you can pin them on top of the table and they will stay visible as long as you pin them.

Any feedback? Would love to hear from fellow researchers into this fascinating domain!

René Post, NL.