Use to keep an automated eye on cryptomarket volume & price developments at Bittrex
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How does Pairtracker work

Pairtracker can help you to keep track of volume & price developments at the crypto-exchange Since many hundreds of pairs are moving up and down against each other every minute of the day, it is almost impossible to keep track of them in real-time.

Your customized Pairtracker-page can do that for you: choose an update interval, a minimal percentage of volume change and an absolute volume threshold per 24h, and let the tool run! If no data shows up, it means that no pairs exceed the set thresholds. If pairs show up because of over thresholds volume changes, you’re the first to know!

If you want to pay extra attention to certain token-pairs, you can search for them and pin them to the top of the table, so you will always see their most up-to-date values, under or over threshold!

And do you see something worthwhile happening, click on the camera-symbol in front of the row to take a snapshot, and share that with the community that is watching the observations-page, or paste the code into a forum-post to inform others of your observations!




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