Some results

PairTracker is a client-side research tool, this means that you need to keep the page open in order for it to be able to monitor the Bittrex datafeed ( you do not need to watch it though ;-))

What kind of things can you observe with Pairtracker? A small example is shown below.

Step 1: open the page, choose your settings (for instance: set update interval to 3 minutes, % volume change within that timeframe to > 5%) and wait three minutes:

Step 2: So now you know, that only the pair BTC-AMP is doing something that might deserve your attention. If you click on the link to the right Bittrex-page, you’ll see that both volume and price are going up:

And so on. Compare this with browsing endlessly in trying to track down these kind of developments on time by hand!

When nothing ‘worthwhile’ is happening, nothing is shown since Pairtracker tries to minimize the noise.

More examples soon!