How to

PairTracker is your personal crypto volumes filtering tool to keep an eye on developments that deserve your attention – and a good way to filter out most of the noise!

Start with the following choices:
– update interval in minutes
– percentage minimum volume change
– absolute threshold in BTC/ETH/USDT

If you’ve chosen 1 minute, you need to wait sixty seconds before the first results can be shown. Results above threshold are displayed with a green background, the same applies in red if they are below the inverse of the threshold. This way you can keep an eye on pumps & dumps in near real-time.

A setting that works for me, is 3 minutes, => 5% volume change and ignore all BTC pairs with less than 100 BTC trading volumer per 24h. This gives a very stable image, and only shows you the larger developments.

Since pumps can happen pretty fast, for active daytraders a shorter monitoring interval might work better, but .. that is all up to you to find out!

A nice feature of the tool is, that if you go offline for a while and get back to the page later, it instantly shows you what happened while you were away.

If you try this, you will notice that it is actually quite easy to spot the pumps as soon as they happen.

Good luck to you all, and get back to me if you’ve got any feedback!